My warmest greetings to the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology (PBA) as it holds its 52nd Conferment Ceremonies.


For many years, the PBA has been steadfast in its mission of improving the practice of anesthesiology in the country by training and honing the skills of physicians who wish to specialize in this highly technical field.  Your organization has indeed set a high standard of excellence and quality in the perioperative care of patients.


May this significant occasion inspire all the candidates for diplomate status to strengthen their commitment in advancing the medical field so that it can be more reliable, accessible, and affordable for all.  I also implore all of you to serve as an inspiration of courage and resilience as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


Together, let us remain partners in securing a healthier and more promising future for every Filipino.


Congratulations and I wish you a meaningful event.




President, Republic of the Philippines

My warmest congratulations to the successful candidates of the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology’s 52nd Conferment Exercises.


Despite the difficulties wrought by the pandemic, the Department of Health (DOH) lauds the PBA in its relentless mission to improve the quality of anesthesiology healthcare practiced by your esteemed diplomates.

To the successful candidates, may you find courage to serve your purpose and #BIDASolusyon.  May you be in the forefront of our healthcare facilities and champions of universal health care.  I pray that this message is crystallized in each and every one of you.  And when things get a little difficult, always remember that success is not about what you achieve but about how you stand up against all the challenges, even if the challenges are of pandemic levels.

Mabuhay kayong lahat and more power!




Secretary of Health


I would like to congratulate the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology and our 130 graduates of accredited anesthesiology programs. This day is dedicated to all of you, most especially for the hard work and dedication you have manifested to your chosen profession.


On this very special day, I would like to give my heartfelt gratitude to every medical frontliner who continues to serve our countrymen. As our graduating class finish its training today, I hope and pray that you serve our fellow Filipinos with love, commitment and compassion.

Thank you for your service and effort to make the City of Manila safer each day. The trainings maybe done for now, but I encourage you to never stop learning. It’s the only way we can be better.


Again my sincerest congratulations to the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology and to our 130 graduates of accredited anesthesiology training programs. I wish you all the best as you achieve another milestone in your career. Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Manila, God first!



Manila Mayor


Warm greetings to the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology as it holds its 52nd Conferment Ceremonies.


We salute you all for bravely facing the challenges vis-à-vis the Covid-19 virus since Year 2020 and despite the hindrance to physically gather at this time.


Our heartfelt congratulations to the entire Board for pioneering the certification systems compliant to the national safety standards, which have also become the model of other medical specialties!


We also congratulate all of you who passed this taxing certification process while still serving the country in its fight against Covid-19 in the front lines. Indeed, it had been a very tough challenge for you. This is why we are proud of your accomplishment and we rejoice with you in this milestone!


Again, on behalf of the PMA National Officers and Board of Governors, our congratulations to all of you for your success! May you continue to fulfill your oath no matter how challenging it may be. We also look forward to your continued collaboration with the PMA in all its advocacies and its activities.


Mabuhay ang Philippine Board of Anesthesiology! Mabuhay ang Philippine Medical Association! PMA: Working together as one!



President, Philippine Medical Association


My warmest greetings to the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology, Inc and congratulations to the 2020 Batch of Diplomates on your 52nd Conferment Ceremonies.


The Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc commends your dedication to promote quality anesthesia care and your commitment to promote excellence in our field.


In these challenging times, let this event serve as a testament that as Diplomates in Anesthesiology, we strive to hurdle adversities in order to give our Filipino patients the best care possible from the most competent of   practitioners.


As our healthcare is becoming more complex across macro and micro levels of care, the diplomates in anesthesiology are part of this large, ever changing, thriving environment. Hence, it is inevitable that we, anesthesiologists, will become more than clinicians, and our work will extend beyond the four corners of the operating room


Let us be reminded that we need to give back to our bigger society. May we continuously collaborate and build relationships with our colleagues from different disciplines, as we have realized that there is no sole expertise who will have answers to the most complex health problems in today’s world.


To the new Diplomates, our heartfelt congratulations and well wishes for your new beginnings.






President, Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists 


About Transitions…


We go through several critical transitions in life- and this is definitely one of them.

We start with guidance for residents on the transition to a fully trained anesthesiologist. Should you choose an academic practice or a community/private group setting? Once that choice has been made, the next step is to negotiate a contract.


Next transition: having kids. Many, and perhaps most, readers know from first-hand experience the challenges of having and raising children while working in the demanding environment of clinical anesthesiology. The burden of balancing parenting with work particularly weighs on female anesthesiologists. I have been there.


Assuming all goes well, the last transition is retirement. And I am nearly there.


There is no such thing as a “self- made (wo)man”. We get to where we are going through the support of our communities- of the ones who helped us, let alone the ones who raised us. And the One who created us.


We can never take credit for where we are today. We can only thank all the people who nudged us forward step by step. There is very rarely a massive leap; it’s mainly a series of baby steps, and one day, you look back and think---Wow! How did I get this far? 

And you can see a thousand, beautiful and friendly faces smiling and waving at you, and a few not-so-friendly faces that helped you move forward just as much, if not more than the kind ones.


The reward for good work is the outcome itself. The skillfully applied anesthetic. The rescued patient. The incremental advance in knowledge. These contributions are eternal. Our daily contributions, whatever they are, become woven into the history of the universe. They remain part of that history for all time. Our lives and memory of our personal contributions is ephemeral.


The only certainty is transitions.

So, to all of you, we say thank you. Congratulations PBA diplomates, Batch 2020!




Chair, Board of Trustees


2020 has been a difficult year for the whole world, and our specialty has not been spared challenges.


Training programs have been disrupted. New skills needed to be learned. New platforms of communication needed to be mastered. Academic administration basically had to rewrite the training manual. You, the graduates of 2020, were denied the enjoyment of the culmination of your three years of residency training.


With extraordinary effort all of us in the specialty have risen to the challenge; using technology we strove to deliver our didactic and clinical teaching programs. With massive coordination and cooperation, especially from the administrations of our accredited programs, we were able to reaccredit 35 anesthesia residency training programs. We kept communication open between the PBA and the leaders of our programs through discussion boards, granting us the leverage to find the happy balance between delivering current, relevant anesthesia training and granting concessions in requirements considering the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in. We continue in our efforts to nationalize accreditation of fellowship programs for the future recognition of specialists in the different branches of anesthesia. Likewise, we continue to strive to develop teaching modules to guide our trainors in their efforts during this difficult time.


Through the difficulties of 2020 you successfully completed your training despite the difficulties of these times. You should be proud, as we all are of you.


But we must not lose sight of the necessity for us all to remain stalwart in these efforts as we recognize that our challenges continue to evolve in this brave new world.


The future of the specialty is in your hands. With the grace of God may you continue to care for our specialty by exemplifying excellence, vigilance, resilience, and fortitude.




Chair, Board of Accreditors


The year 2020 in so many ways, is truly unprecedented. The world is faced with a health crisis which posts a threat to oneself and to others. As anesthesiologists, we are expected to step up and be in the forefront in battling the ravage of the disease as our expertise is needed in keeping the patients alive. This experience levelled the playing field to the ground and made us realize that which is essential in our relationships with our family, friends, patients and to ourselves. Grit, discipline, faith, humility, and resilience are the very qualities that we learned and developed as months went by during this period. As the time drew near, we are now celebrating the culmination of all your hard work and dedication muted by a pandemic that is still raging. As newly minted anesthesiologists by the PBA, may you continue to be strong, determined and focused on mind, body and spirit in fulfilling your duties in providing the utmost peri-operative anesthesia care. In so doing, unknowingly--you may become an inspiration to the next generation of anesthesiologists in the kind of service you are giving to the Filipino people.


Congratulations to you and to your family!




Chair, Board of Examiners